Thursday, April 19, 2012

A pair of milestones

Today's post marks a couple of milestones for Tales from the Lennycave. First of all, today is the first anniversary of me starting this blog. Secondly, this is the 50th post on the blog. So, thanks to everyone for reading and commenting and keeping me motivated to write.

What can you expect next? Well, these are some of the upcoming events and goals I have, all subject to change of course.

I still have a tournament report from MooFool : Rise of the Child to complete. I'm also going to the Belfast Brawl Steamroller tournament on Saturday so I'll have a report on that too.

I'm painting up my Blindwater Congregation army, and have nearly reached 35pts so I'll have to stick up some photos of that soon. I still have more to do and the Trollbloods I bought last week to do as well. On the 40K side I have a Dark Eldar army, I intend to have that painted for the start of September.

I have a 2012 painting Pledge I was supposed to update but haven't done yet. I'll have that up soon as well.

Finally, I leave it up to the readers. Is there anything you want to see covered? Let me know.

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