Monday, March 26, 2012

The Empire rises

So it would appear that the next release for Warhammer will be The Empire, one of my favourite armies of all time. The Empire was my army of choice for the six years that 6th edition Warhammer Fantasy was with us, and even though I played Dwarfs and Dark Elves more recently, I've always liked most things about the Empire. I'm more a fan of the old school Empire style, I like artillery, knights and my state troops to have puffy sleeves (I hate the current ones of these).

So, even with my current dissatisfaction with the state of the game, this is a release that I am excited about, provided GW get it right. Less encouraging is the rumour that the book is written by Robin Cruddace, his stuff so far is hit and miss in my opinion. I have seen the list of possible upcoming releases (no pictures though), and it would appear we are getting the following released on April 7th. No promises here, and unlike half the internet, I will not lie and claim I have a source on the inside.

Empire Army Book, hardback, €33
I buy all these anyway, I'm sure many others will also do so. Reminds me, should really read the Vampire Counts one I bought a while back.
Karl Franz on Deathclaw, in plastic, €43.
While I don't care for special characters, a new plastic Griffon is a nice addition to the range, and it shouldn't be too difficult to convert alternative riders
Celestial Hurricanium/Luminark of Hysh, plastic, €39
Never heard of such a thing before. No doubt this is the big kit every army is getting these days. Predictions : it will be big, impressive, and impractical to transport.
Volkmar on War Altar, plastic, €39
Another much needed kit, although I do wonder if it will be stupidly large and out of scale with the previous Altar.
Demigryph Knights, plastic, 3 for €43
Assume this is some kind of monstrous cavalry. Will they fly though?
Captain, plastic, €10.50
Engineer, plastic, €10.50
Witch Hunter, finecast, €13
Warrior Priest, finecast, €13
Amber Wizard, finecast, €13, splash release
Markus Wolfhart, finecast, €13
Usual supply of characters. Wonder if the Witch Hunter is a new character option in the book? I assume Wolfhart is some new special character.

No guaranteed word on new Knightly Orders. There are rumours of new Knights, but that could be the Demigryph ones.

I'll be keeping an eye on this. I have a few Empire figures painted somewhere here in Talabheim colours (my original army was Middenland, but they're old, damaged and poorly painted) that I had started. This may or may not be impetus to get a few more. Let's wait and see.

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