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Tournament Report - Warpcon 40K

WarpCon XXII was held in University College Cork on the weekend of January 27th to 29th last. I was in attendance for the weekend to participate in the Warhammer 40,000 tournament. WarpCon 40K tournaments have traditionally attracted a high attendance and a strong field with many of the best players in the country. Normally, I would write a blow by blow account of my games, but this time I'll keep that short. I used my usual 1850 tournament Blood Angels list I posted before.

Task Force Angrius Maximus, ready for battle!

I had a very busy week before the event as I had still to paint much of the army. On top of that, I had agreed to make some buns for the event in order to raise some funds for the Irish ETC 40K team. As a result, I only finished the army at about 11pm on the night before the event - yet again. One of these days I will learn not to wait until the last minute to paint my army. Then it was off to bed to get some much needed sleep. Up again at 6am in order to gather all my stuff together and go to grab a taxi to our meeting point with Captain Mike and his Mikemobile. As well as the Captain, we also had Paul "Tesla Spam" Quigley and Colin "Passes all his cover saves" Murray in the car as well as Jannik Rottgen following on his motorbike. I didn't envy him travelling half the country on a cold January morning, at least in the car we were warm and had music and conversations about random events from the distant past. In any event, we arrived in Cork without any major incidents and in time for the event, perfect time to dump the bag of buns with Caolan and his fundraising team (who did an excellent job over the weekend, my only complaint being that they made me pay for my own buns. I made them, I should be allowed have them for free!)

For scoring, 20 points were available for each game. The Primary mission was worth 8 BPs (4 each if drawn), the secondary mission worth 6 (3 each if drawn) and 6 points to be split between the players depending on the victory points difference at the end of the game.

Game 1 vs. Burkhardt Flemer, Blood Angels
On to Game 1 and I was drawn against another Blood Angels army. Burkhardt's army is absolutely stunning, you can see more pictures of it in this thread on the forums ( I will make excuses about not wanting to kill all the pretty figures, but this is lies and it was a combination of poor decision making and/or dice rolls. The primary mission was Seize Ground (3 markers, evenly spread across the middle of the table) while secondary was Capture and Control. Quite a cagey game, very tactical and a lot of fun, in the end we drew both objectives and victory points for a 10-10.

See, told you they were too pretty to kill!

Game 2 vs. Lloyd Courtney, Dark Angels
Another game, another pretty army. Lloyd's army can be seen on the forums as well ( Primary was Capture and Control, secondary Annihilation. This time although the primary was drawn, I lost the secondary. Kill points were roughly even, so 7-13 to Lloyd. My Assault Marines led by my Librarian were poised to get into Lloyd's firebase, only they decided to fail a load of saves and die instead. Oh well, great game either way.

Lloyd's deployment of the lesser spotted variety of Angels

Game 3 vs. Phil Johnston, Space Wolves
Another marine army, this time in the form of my clubmate, the Gypsy King himself as his Alpha Legion who pretend to be Space Wolves. Primary mission was Annihilation, with Capture and Control as secondary. Lost this one heavily, 2-18. Phil had those nasty Thunderwolf cavalry I don't like, but I was beaten by a better player and haven't any real complaints.

The last survivor of the Flesh Tearers fights against Phil's "Thunderwolf Cavalry"

Game 4 vs. Pat Ryan, Tyranids
Some not-Space Marines this time, in the form of Pat's interesting Tyranid force. Primary here was Seize Ground (one objective in the board centre, the other four in the middle of each quarter), secondary was Annihilation. Managed to do better this time, won both objectives and was well ahead on Victory Points, but came up short of full points, 19-1. Pat was new to tournament gaming, although importantly he seemed to be having a good time at the event. Nice guy, was great to play against.

Myself and Pat weren't playing on this cool Orky terrain, but I thought you readers might like to see it anyway.

Game 5 vs. Colin Murray, Chaos Space Marines
Back to Marines, but the evil, spikier kind who actually used their own Codex. Colin is another DGG clubmate, and I'd recently had a shocker against him, I threw shot after shot at his Obliterators, but he just made save after save. Primary mission here was Annihilation, secondary Seize Ground. Thankfully Colin had learned to fail his cover saves for his Obliterators, and I managed to kill four of them in the first turn. My Assault squads performed well also, and I managed to get another good result here, winning on both objectives for a 17-3 win.

Line up for the Lovely Prizes Festival

In the end I finished with a total of 60 points (55 Battle + 5 Pre-Submission), which was good enough for 20th place out of a total of 54 players. 3rd place went to Alec Cornelius and his Black Templars (82 points), 2nd was Dan Ahern with his Grey Knights (or, as the results read, Gay Knights - 83 points). But, the winner of the event was Paul Quigley and his Necrons with 87 points. Best Army deservedly went to Burkhardt and his Blood Angels.

Despite my many cogent arguments that this trophy was for the best bun maker at the event, the organisers took this off me and gave it to Paul. Bastards.

Paul's winning army. These are apparently the droids you are looking for.

I had a real blast at the event, although I did forget to take photos on the Sunday (damn), but here's a couple of my favourites.

Necron Immortals, by Ugo Greevy. Ugo claimed he speed painted this army, but he still probably put in more time and effort than most people.

Come get some, boyz!

If you didn't know John Stowe was the scarab lord, now you know.

In soviet Russia, smoke flash you!

I had a fantastic time at WarpCon. I played five great games, the atmosphere in the room was fantastic all weekend and got to see many of my gaming friends from all over the country at the event and met a few new people also. We still had a two and a half hour trip home, but we had more banter on the way home in the Mikemobile.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone involved in the organising of the event, you all did a great job, Colin Cullinane, Mark Keaveney, Craig Murphy, Nick Meade and anyone else I may have forgotten. Thanks again guys, and see you next year.

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  1. It was an awesome event. Great pics mate and the buns weren't half bad too.

    Great people a great event make ;-)


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