Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Last Battle - Christmas Carnage scenario.

Sorry I haven't posted in a good while, but I've been really busy lately for some reason. Anyhow, tonight is the last gaming night of the year, so I probably won't play again until 2012 after tonight. So I knocked out the following scenario for four players.

Christmas Carnage
Christmas Carnage is a four player scenario. It will be played on a 6' x 4' table.

The Armies
Players may select an army to a maximum of 1000 points. The standard force organisation chart is not in use, players may take a maximum of one choice each of HQ, Elite, Fast Attack and Heavy Support. Troops are unlimited, and any unit may utilise any Dedicated Transport option available.

Deployment zones are in the corners of the gaming board. Players roll off, with the highest roller having first choice of deployment zone, the second highest the next choice, the third highest roller gets third pick while the lowest roller gets whichever deployment zone is left. Players must deploy their units within 12" of the long table edge and 24" of the short table edge of their respective corner.

Players alternate deploying one unit at a time, starting with the player who chose his deployment zone first, followed by the second player, then the third player and finally the last player. After each player deploys a unit (and its Dedicated Transport if it has one), the process starts again with the first player deploying his second unit. Repeat until all units are deployed. Units with the Infiltrate USR may use it to deploy after all other non-infiltrating units. If more than one player wishes to use the Infiltrate USR, alternate units in the same order above.

Note that units may not begin this scenario in reserve.

The turn
In this scenario, the turn is resolved differently than in regular games of Warhammer 40,000. Instead of each player taking a full turn, each player will move, then each player will shoot, then each player will launch assaults. The system is described below.

At the start of each turn, players roll off. The highest roller is designated "First Player", the next highest "Second Player", the next highest is "Third Player" and the lowest roller is "Fourth Player".

Movement Phase
The First Player takes his Movement Phase, followed by the Second Player, Third Player and Fourth Player in turn.

Shooting Phase
The First Player then takes his Shooting Phase, followed by the Second Player, Third Player and finally the Fourth Player.

Assault Phase
The First Player declares his assaults and moves any models that can reach into assault. Then the Second Player does so, followed by the Third Player and the Fourth Player. Do not Pile In with any models until all assault moves have been completed by all players. Then the First Player completes any Pile In moves, followed by the Second Player, Third Player and Fourth Player.

Once all Assault moves have been resolved, proceed to fight each combat. The First Player gets to choose which combat is resolved first. This may be a combat not including his own models if he wishes. Resolve this combat fully. The Second Player chooses the next combat, then the Third Player, then the Fourth Player, back to the First Player, and so on until all combats have been resolved.

Please note it is perfectly possible (and likely) for three or four way combats to occur. Combat results for such combats are worked out as normal. The player with the highest score wins the combat. If two players scores are tied, consider both to have won the combat. Neither takes break tests/No Retreat wounds. All other players compare their combat score to the winner's score to determine their break test modifier/number of No Retreat wounds taken. If more than one player has units remaining in the combat after these have been resolved, there will be no Sweeping advances possible and all units which fail their break tests will fall back.

When all assaults have been resolved, a new turn begins and the process starts over.


The objective for this game is the entrance to Santa's cave. This will be placed in the exact centre of the table. The player with the greatest number of models in base contact with the cave entry at the end of the game wins.

Ending the Game
The game ends randomly, although the dice roll for the end of game occurs one turn sooner than in normal games of Warhammer 40,000.
Roll at the end of Turn 4 - Game ends on 1-2
Roll at the end of Turn 5 - Game ends on 1-3
Roll at the end of Turn 6 (or later turns) - Game ends on 1-4

Falling back
Units falling back do not fall back towards a table edge. Instead they will fall back towards the controlling player's corner.

Special Rule - Blizzard

The game occurs during a blizzard. Roll a D6 for the blizzard at the start of each turn.

1 Whiteout! - The entire table counts as difficult terrain. All shooting is limited to 12" range and is at -1 to hit.
2 Very Heavy Snow - Shooting is limited to a range of 18"
3 Heavy Snow - Shooting is limited to 24" range
4 Moderate Snow - Shooting is limited to 36" range
5 Light Snow - Shooting is limited to 48" range
6 Clear!

Special Rule - Christmas Presents

Santa and his elves have wrapped up a few presents for his rescuers and some booby traps for his enemies. Due to the poor conditions, these have been scattered around the battlefield. There are 8 present markers on the battlefield. One each are placed in the centre of each table edge. The other four are placed 12" away from Santa's cave, on a direct line between the centre of the table and the centre of each table edge. Any non-vehicle model may open a present it comes into base contact with. Flip the marker and consult the following table.

1 - Booby Trap! The model takes a S6 AP1 hit.
2 - This model and his unit gain Defensive Grenades.
3 - This model gets a one-shot only gun. S9 AP2 Assault 1.
4 - This model gets a Combi-Plasma Gun
5 - This model gets a Power Weapon
6 - This model gets a one-shot only gun. S5 AP5 Assault 4.
7 - This model and his unit gain Melta Bombs.
8 - Booby Trap! This model and every other model in his unit takes a S3 AP6 hit.

Should be a good laugh, I'm playing against Ralph, Frank and Alan so let's hope it all goes well. I'll post up again to let you all know how we got on. Now, I need to go finish preparing the objective and Christmas present markers.

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