Sunday, November 20, 2011

Road to Glory III - Mercury Rising results

The third event in the Road to Glory series of escalation tournaments I'm currently running was held in Gamers World in Dublin on Saturday October 1st. This time, the players had 1250 points to spend on their armies.

There were six players at this event, here are your contenders -
Stephen Coleman (Beastmen)
Eoin Lennon (Vampire Counts)
Brian Dolan (Lizardmen)
Colin Power (Lizardmen)
James Fitzsimons (Dark Elves)
Malcolm Cooney (Lizardmen)

As in the previous event, there was a total of 100 Tournament Points up for grabs. 10 for presubmitting an army list, 10 depending on what proportion of their army was fully painted and based as well as 80 points for game results (4 games at 20 points each). As before, I had a Dark Elf army available for bye-busting, but it wasn't required due to the even number of players.

The event was won by Malcolm Cooney, followed by Stephen Coleman and in third was Colin Power. As with the previous event, a gold, sliver and bronze dice were awarded to the top three. The event went really smoothly, thanks to all the guys for playing in a great spirit. There were a couple of interesting incidents, including when Malcolm turned Brian's Slaan Mage into a frog using Sijevir's Hex Scroll - who could have pictured a Slaan looking like a frog? Also we had James and his unorthodox Assassins, who didn't like to hide in their regiments, but preferred to run around throwing Rending Stars instead. Obviously they forgot that they're a little squishy with shooting and direct damage spells around.

The final scores were as follows
Malcolm Cooney 85
Stephen Coleman 76
Colin Power 67
James Fitzsimons 54
Eoin Lennon 33
Brian Dolan 22

As with the previous events, players earned points towards the overall Road to Glory leaderboard, which now stands as follows. The formula for points awarded to each player is (1250/n) x (n-p), where n is the number of players at the event, and p is the number of players who finished ahead of the scoring player.

Stephen Coleman - 2126 (+1042)
Malcolm Cooney - 2091 (+1250)
Colin Power - 1834 (+834)
James Fitzsimons - 1307 (+625)
Eoin Lennon - 1084 (+417)
Gerry Nolan - 834
Fergus Finch - 713
Nigel Kavanagh - 614
Jan Karnowski - 478
David McHugh - 410
Domhnall O'Brien - 273
Brian Dolan - 209 (+209)
Derek "Jarvis" Mitchell - 205
Ken Chambers - 137
Des Kenny - 69

Again, big thank you to all the players for showing up, playing games and helping to set up the boards and clear up at the end of the day. Also to Martin Kenny and his staff at Gamers World for allowing us to use their tables and scenery.

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