Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Road to Glory II - The Revenge report

I'm back now after a few weeks of inactivity - I had an army that needed to be painted for a couple of tournaments as well as taking a few days holiday to visit the family. I have a number of events to cover in the next few posts, so I hope to update every couple of days for the next week or two.

Saturday, September 3rd saw the second event of my escalation-style series. Road to Glory II (The Revenge) was held at 1000 points - 6 players competed over four rounds.

Our contenders were :
Eoin Lennon (Vampire Counts)
Fergus Finch (Beastmen)
Stephen Coleman (Beastmen)
Malcolm Cooney (Lizardmen)
Colin Power (Lizardmen)
Gerry Nolan (Orcs & Goblins)

80 points were available through Battle Points, 10 for presubmitting an army list and 10 available for using a painted and based army.

I had a Dark Elf list available in case a bye-buster was needed. I did end up playing it in the first round, as Malcolm arried late meaning I had an even number of players from Round 2 onward. All players had presubmitted their army lists, so all six received 10 points.

Round 1 - Meeting Engagement scenario.
Defending champion Stephen Coleman (winner of Road to Glory I - First Blood) went down 20-0 against my bye-buster list, due to some misfortune on Steve's part and some excellent shooting from me. Eoin defeated Fergus' Beastmen 13-7, with Gerry defeating Colin by the same score.

Round 2 - Dawn Attack scenario.
In the meeting of the winners of the previous round, Gerry barely defeated Eoin 11-9. Stephen and Malcolm managed a 10-10 draw, but the big winner of the round was Colin, who beat Fergus 20-0.

While the players took their lunch break, I judged the armies for painting. Stephen, Colin and Gerry used fully painted forces and received 10 points. Malcolm and Fergus had a couple of unpainted models, so got 9, while Eoin had about 60% of his figures finished, so scored 6 points.

Round 3 - The Watchtower scenario.
Colin went into this round in the lead, but was beaten 12-8 by Eoin. Malcolm managed to hold the Watchtower against Gerry using only Skinks for a 15-5 win. Fergus' run of poor luck continued, losing 20-0 against Stephen.

Round 4 - Blood and Glory scenario.
Things were close going into the final round, with Colin on 55, Eoin and Steve on 50, Gerry on 49 and Malcolm on 44 - all of whom were still capable of winning the event. In the end, Eoin defeated Malcolm 12-8 while Gerry defeated Fergus 18-2. However, Colin managed to defeat Eoin 19-1 to become Road to Glory II champion.

The final positions were as follows
Colin Power 74
Gerry Nolan 67
Eoin Lennon 62
Malcolm Cooney 52
Stephen Coleman 51
Fergus Finch 28

As I had printed off 15 certificates, I gave out a number of awards. For prizes, I bought some of the metal dice on sale in Gamers World, one in gold, silver and bronze.

1st Place - Colin Power
2nd Place - Gerry Nolan
3rd Place - Eoin Lennon
Last Place - Fergus Finch
Most Sporting - Fergus Finch
Best Army - Stephen Coleman
Most Violent (Most VPs Scored) - Colin Power
'Ard Boy (Least VPs Conceded) - Malcolm Cooney
Professor Pacifist (Least VPs Scored) - Fergus Finch
Still Standing (Most VPs Conceded) - Fergus Finch
Toughest Schedule (Highest Combined Opponent's BP) - Fergus Finch
Bunny Run (Lowest Combined Opponent's BP) - Stephen Coleman
Most Stylish Shorts - Fergus Finch
Most Organised (Earliest Army List Submission) - Eoin Lennon
Snooze Button Award - Malcolm Cooney

I'd like to thank all the guys who showed up for coming along, playing their games and helping out, as well as Martin Kenny and his staff at Gamers World Dublin for providing us with a venue.


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