Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Road to Glory II - The Revenge report

I'm back now after a few weeks of inactivity - I had an army that needed to be painted for a couple of tournaments as well as taking a few days holiday to visit the family. I have a number of events to cover in the next few posts, so I hope to update every couple of days for the next week or two.

Saturday, September 3rd saw the second event of my escalation-style series. Road to Glory II (The Revenge) was held at 1000 points - 6 players competed over four rounds.

Our contenders were :
Eoin Lennon (Vampire Counts)
Fergus Finch (Beastmen)
Stephen Coleman (Beastmen)
Malcolm Cooney (Lizardmen)
Colin Power (Lizardmen)
Gerry Nolan (Orcs & Goblins)

80 points were available through Battle Points, 10 for presubmitting an army list and 10 available for using a painted and based army.

I had a Dark Elf list available in case a bye-buster was needed. I did end up playing it in the first round, as Malcolm arried late meaning I had an even number of players from Round 2 onward. All players had presubmitted their army lists, so all six received 10 points.

Round 1 - Meeting Engagement scenario.
Defending champion Stephen Coleman (winner of Road to Glory I - First Blood) went down 20-0 against my bye-buster list, due to some misfortune on Steve's part and some excellent shooting from me. Eoin defeated Fergus' Beastmen 13-7, with Gerry defeating Colin by the same score.

Round 2 - Dawn Attack scenario.
In the meeting of the winners of the previous round, Gerry barely defeated Eoin 11-9. Stephen and Malcolm managed a 10-10 draw, but the big winner of the round was Colin, who beat Fergus 20-0.

While the players took their lunch break, I judged the armies for painting. Stephen, Colin and Gerry used fully painted forces and received 10 points. Malcolm and Fergus had a couple of unpainted models, so got 9, while Eoin had about 60% of his figures finished, so scored 6 points.

Round 3 - The Watchtower scenario.
Colin went into this round in the lead, but was beaten 12-8 by Eoin. Malcolm managed to hold the Watchtower against Gerry using only Skinks for a 15-5 win. Fergus' run of poor luck continued, losing 20-0 against Stephen.

Round 4 - Blood and Glory scenario.
Things were close going into the final round, with Colin on 55, Eoin and Steve on 50, Gerry on 49 and Malcolm on 44 - all of whom were still capable of winning the event. In the end, Eoin defeated Malcolm 12-8 while Gerry defeated Fergus 18-2. However, Colin managed to defeat Eoin 19-1 to become Road to Glory II champion.

The final positions were as follows
Colin Power 74
Gerry Nolan 67
Eoin Lennon 62
Malcolm Cooney 52
Stephen Coleman 51
Fergus Finch 28

As I had printed off 15 certificates, I gave out a number of awards. For prizes, I bought some of the metal dice on sale in Gamers World, one in gold, silver and bronze.

1st Place - Colin Power
2nd Place - Gerry Nolan
3rd Place - Eoin Lennon
Last Place - Fergus Finch
Most Sporting - Fergus Finch
Best Army - Stephen Coleman
Most Violent (Most VPs Scored) - Colin Power
'Ard Boy (Least VPs Conceded) - Malcolm Cooney
Professor Pacifist (Least VPs Scored) - Fergus Finch
Still Standing (Most VPs Conceded) - Fergus Finch
Toughest Schedule (Highest Combined Opponent's BP) - Fergus Finch
Bunny Run (Lowest Combined Opponent's BP) - Stephen Coleman
Most Stylish Shorts - Fergus Finch
Most Organised (Earliest Army List Submission) - Eoin Lennon
Snooze Button Award - Malcolm Cooney

I'd like to thank all the guys who showed up for coming along, playing their games and helping out, as well as Martin Kenny and his staff at Gamers World Dublin for providing us with a venue.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Look out Gorey, here comes Lenny

This weekend I will be attending the 3rd annual North Wexford Gamers tournament which is being held in the Amber Springs Hotel in Gorey (which, for those of you not familiar with Irish geography, is in North Wexford. Who'd have thought it?). I've been to each of the previous events, which have both been well run and very enjoyable to play. Although this year, things will be a little different.

This year, I'll be entering the Warhammer 40,000 tournament. Last year, I played Fantasy, and in the first event there was no 40K tournament. NWG is also a bit different, as it allows players to use their Forge World models. Although if you've been listening to the North Wexford Gamers/Wargaming Ireland podcast, you'll know this already. Because Paul mentioned it every five minutes.

The points limit for the event is 2000. I don't have any Forge World models, so I used the event as an excuse to paint my Flesh Tearers (a Blood Angels successor chapter) army. I'll be fielding the following army -

Librarian (125) - Jump Pack. Blood Lance, Shield of Sanguinius.
Librarian (125) - Jump Pack. Blood Lance, Shield of Sanguinius.
Sanguinary Priest (95) - Jump Pack, Lightning Claw, Meltabombs.
Sanguinary Priest (95) - Jump Pack, Power Weapon, Meltabombs.
Honour Guard (250) - Jump Packs. 3 w/Meltagun, Meltabombs. 1 w/Meltagun, Power Fist, Meltabombs.
5 Assault Terminators (210) - 3 w/Lightning Claws. 2 w/Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield.
10 Assault Marines (235) - 2 w/Meltagun. Veteran Sergeant w/Power Fist.
10 Assault Marines (235) - 2 w/Meltagun. Veteran Sergeant w/Power Fist.
10 Assault Marines (235) - 2 w/Meltagun. Veteran Sergeant w/Power Fist.
10 Vanguard Veterans (395) - 2 w/pair of Lightning Claws, Meltabombs. Veteran Sergeant w/Power Fist.

I actually finished all the painting this evening, although most of the army still needs to be based. I'm pretty happy with the way it looks, although a completely painted coherent looking army always looks pretty good, even if the paint scheme and techniques used are simple.

So, how do I hope to do at the event? I think a decent result would be about 40 points out of 100 for gaming. I'm not an experienced 40K player and I've only attended one 40K tournament before, although thanks to the guys at the Dublin Games Guild, I have been practicing and I'm better than I used to be.

I won't be reporting live from the event, but if anyone is interested in following proceedings on Twitter, follow @wargamingire or search #NWG2011 and there will be plenty there. I will be writing up a tournament report after the event and I'll try to remember to take pictures, as long as I don't drink too much.

Wish me luck,

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

150 not out

In the vein of my previous post when I reached my 100th figure painted this year (see here -, I've decided to follow up on my more recent progress since I've reached 150 figures yesterday (I'm actually up to 156, I finished off 15 in one day) so it's hard to say which was the exact 150th figure. Anyhow, here's what I've painted since the last time.

Warhammer : Dwarfs
6 Warriors with Great Weapons

I played Dwarfs for years in 7th edition Warhammer and I'm planning to get a new army of them painted for 8th edition.

Warhammer 40,000 : Flesh Tearers
Sanguinary Priest
Honour Guard
28 Assault Marines

I'm painting a lot of these at the moment - I need them for a tournament the weekend after next and I still have another 13 models to do.

Warhammer 40,000 : Knights of the Hammer
Tactical Marine

This was the test model for a new Space Marine chapter colour scheme I wanted to test. I've had an idea to improve this model - I'm going to create a knightly army using Codex Dark Angels for these with lots of banners and shields.

War of the Ring : Gondor/Arnor
8 Minas Tirith Warriors with Captain, Banner Bearer and Hornblower

I painted the command company for these guys in order to keep the army ticking over. I'll be painting more when I get the Flesh Tearers done.

Warmachine : Cygnar
Charger Light Warjack
Journeyman Warcaster
4 Stormguard

I painted these as reinforcements for my Cygnar army. After having so much fun at the Steamroller tournament, I'll need to paint more options for the next one.

HORDES : Blindwater Congregation
Gatorman Posse - 1 Grunt

This guy was painted as the test model for the rest of the posse. Really pleased with it and I'll paint the rest soon.

It took me a total of 174 days to paint my first 100 models. These 56 took me a further 76 days to do, much faster. I'll be aiming to manage 250 by the end of the year. I'll do another post when I reach 200 done. Hopefully within a month and a half or so.

Thanks for reading,

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Steamroller Tournament Report

So last Sunday morning I entered the world of competitive Warmachine for the first time. I was awoken by the alarm at 8.30, an ungodly hour to some but if I had been at work it would have gone off at 4.45.

The event was a 35pt Steamroller, which meant players could bring two lists and choose which to play each game (having seen the opponent's list or lists). I limited myself to painted figures only, so the only choices I had available to me were both versions of Haley. So I picked an infantry heavy list for Captain Haley, with a smaller, harder hitting list for Major Haley. The lists are below.

Captain Victoria Haley (5 WP)
Ironclad (7)
Lancer (6)
10 Long Gunner Infantry (10)
Long Gunner Infantry Officer and Standard (2)
10 Stormguard (9)
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team (4)
Stormsmith Stormcaller (1)
Stormsmith Stormcaller (1)

Major Victoria Haley (5 WP)
Ironclad (7)
Lancer (6)
Hunter (6)
10 Long Gunner Infantry (10)
Long Gunner Infantry Officer and Standard (2)
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team (4)
Gun Mage Captain Adept (2)
Stormsmith Stormcaller (1)
Stormsmith Stormcaller (1)
Stormsmith Stormcaller (1)

Game 1 vs. Phil Johnston (Cryx) - Incursion

Phil chose his Lich Lord Terminus list, Tier 3. He had Terminus, a Stalker, 10 Bloodgorgers, 10 Revenant Crew, 10 Blackbane's Ghost Raiders, Captain Rengrave, Darragh Wrathe and General Gerlak Slaughterborn. I chose my Captain Haley list, as Phil had plenty of infantry with few heavy hitters.

Phil took first turn, and thanks to his Tier abilities had a large number of undead pirates up to the flags in the centre of the board. All but Terminus ran forward, while Terminus cast Malediction on himself (which he upkept all game long). In the Cygnar turn the Long Gunners advanced onto a hill and made a CRA on Darragh Wrathe, leaving the dragoon on foot. The Ironclad and Lancer advanced, then Haley tried a Chain Lightning on the Revenant crew, but the Lancer turned out to be fractionally out of range. She followed up by casting Temporal Barrier. The rest of the Cygnarans advanced. The flag on my right side (Phil's left) disappeared.

Phil's Ghost Raiders charged into the Stormguard, leaving one to claim the flag on my left. The Stormguard's set defense protected all but two from Phil's attacks. Darragh Wrathe advanced to engage a Stormsmith and a Long Gunner, but missed. The Revenants took control of the flag in the centre. General Slaughterborn and the Bloodgorgers moved up to threaten my right flank. In the Cygnar turn the Lancer ran to contest the centre flag. The Ironclad charged into the Stalker, but missed with his Quake Hammer, doing some damage with the Open Fist. The Stormguard killed the few Ghost Raiders who had attacked them. The Black 13th moved up. Lynch and Watts used Black Penny in an attempt to kill Darragh Wrathe, but both missed. Ryan nailed a couple of Revenants. The Long Gunner disengaged from Darragh Wrathe, who missed his free strike. The Long Gunners started to make combined shots on General Slaughterborn, but Phil made three consecutive Tough rolls (uh-oh). Haley again put up a Temporal Barrier. This earned Phil a control point for the flag on the left.

Phil moved Terminus up this turn, then declared he was using his Feat. Terminus swung at Lynch of the Black 13th, but missed. Slaughterborn advanced into combat, proceeding to kill the Black 13th and 3 Long Gunners (damn those Tough rolls), generating 6 soul tokens for Terminus. Darragh Wrathe killed the Stormsmith. The Ghost Raiders proceeded to tie up the remaining Stormguard, killing another couple while the Revenants attacked the Lancer, losing it's Movement system. At this point Phil's time ran out. He gained another Control Point for the flag on the left. At this point I knew I couldn't prevent Phil from winning the scenario, so I had to assassinate an ARM 29 Terminus instead - needless to say I failed to do so, so it was a win for Phil by scenario.

Game 2 vs Padraic O Confhaola (Protectorate of Menoth) - Command and Control

Padraic had two lists, one led by High Exemplar Kreoss and the other by the Harbinger of Menoth. I chose Major Haley, while Padraic chose Kreoss. His force consisted of Kreoss, a Reckoner, a Vanquisher, a full Choir, Daughters of the Flame, 10 Zealots with Monolith Bearer, 2 Vassals and Eiryss.

Padraic had first turn, he ran forward with his entire force. As the scenario involved contesting a flag near the board edge with your warcaster while clearing out a 12" area in the centre of the board, a scenario win was going to be difficult. In return, I repositioned most of my force away from the flanking Daughters of the Flame, while the Gun Mage Captain Adept had a potshot at Eiryss, but he needed a 10 and missed.

In his turn Padraic advanced his army forward again. The Choir prevented me shooting at his warjacks, while his Zealots used their abilities to make them near invulnerable. Eiryss killed the Gun Mage Captain. The Daughters ran forward and engaged all three of my jacks in melee. In my turn I needed to get rid of the Daughters, as they could leap out of combat to assassinate Haley, so I assigned focus to the jacks to boost attack rolls. To help out, I had all three Stormsmiths use their Stormcall on the Daughters, but they all failed their skill checks. Then the jacks proceeded to fluff their attacks - despite needing 10s and 11s on three dice, only one hit by the Ironclad. Haley moved in to kill another. Lynch of the Black 13th had a pop at Eiryss, but he missed.

Padraic then proceeded to demonstrate my big mistake. Kreoss advanced, then feated, knocking Haley down. The Reckoner then hit her with it's gun for 10 damage, then one of the Vassals gave it another shot, rolling just enough on the damage roll for the caster kill.

This game had finished early so I went for a coffee in Insomnia around the corner from the shop, where I witnessed an argument between a staff member and an aggressive woman who was visibly under the influence of something.

Game 3 vs. Dave Murphy (Khador) - Grind.

Dave was running Karchev the Terrible, supported by a Berserker, two Kodiaks, a Juggernaut, a Destroyer and a Manhunter. With that many heavy warjacks, I chose my Major Haley list.

Dave got first turn, so he used Karchev to Tow the Berserker, Juggernaut and Destroyer forward. Karchev also cast Sidearms, the Kodiaks ran up in support, as did the Manhunter. I countered by moving forward with the Gun Mage Captain, who proceeded to shoot down the Manhunter. The Hunter had a shot at a Kodiak, doing a reasonable 9 damage. The rest of the army advanced, not able to do much more.

Dave started his next turn by activating Karchev. He feated, cast Unearthly Rage and Tow. He then moved forward and turned around. (The usual trick to gain extra movement for the Towed jacks). The Berserker and Juggernaut charged into my Ironclad and Lancer, doing some reasonable damage, while the Destroyer lobbed a bombard shot at Haley, which scattered harmlessly. I saw this as my opportunity to end the game right there. Haley cast Temporal Acceleration on the Hunter (giving it two shots), then Dominated the Juggernaut who moved and swung at Karchev for some damage. I followed this up with the Black 13th and Gun Mage Captain (all with Brutal damage shots), then two shots from the Hunter took Karchev out. I also had the Long Gunners preparing to do two CRA as well, but they weren't needed. So with that I got my first win.

Game 4 vs. Mark Hall (Cygnar) - Kill Box.

Mark's two forces were led by Caine and Siege. He picked Caine, while I decided to stick with Major Haley. Mark's army was Caine, an Ironclad, a Charger, Gun Mages w/Officer marshalling a Hunter, 10 Long Gunners and 10 Sword Knights.

I won first turn this time, so I advanced my force forward and handed over to Mark. He brought his force forward into range. Caine cast Snipe on Mark's Long Gunners. His hunter shot and damaged mine, while the Long Gunners combined into my Lancer for some damage.

I moved forward again in my turn, my Long Gunners killed a couple of Mark's. I shot Mark's Hunter with mine, as well as the Black 13th, wrecking it. I ran the warjacks forward, and declared Haley's feat, catching all of Mark's army excepting Caine and the Sword Knights (which he had forgotten to move). In Mark's turn I chose his activation order. His Long Gunners did some more damage to the Lancer. His Gun Mages only had a few models in range, but he killed Lynch of the Black 13th as well as more damage on the Lancer, which was then finished off by his Charger. The Ironclad and Sword Knights advanced. Lastly Mark activated Caine, who advanced and declared his feat. He damaged the Ironclad, killed the Gun Mage Captain, a Stormsmith, took out the Hunter's movement and did a couple of points of damage to Haley. He then declared he would use his regular attacks to shoot Haley, but he had no line of sight, so he cast Flash to get out of the open instead.

In my turn I saw the assassination. I moved my Ironclad beside Caine, but with his back to Haley. I then cast Chain Lightning twice at the Ironclad, bouncing onto Caine each time and I boosted the damage to kill him for my second win.

Except for one thing - Major Haley doesn't have Chain Lightning, it's Captain Haley that does. I realised this almost immediately, and apologised to Mark, who suggested resetting the turn. Very sporting of him.

I allocated two focus to the Ironclad, who proceeded to charge Caine. I used the Ironclad's Tremor attack, boosting it to knock Caine down. The remaining members of the Black 13th then proceeded to shoot the knocked down Caine to death.

Overall I finished up in 9th place out of 14 players with two wins. The winner of the event was Gerry Nolan with his Legion of Everblight, second was Harry Cullen's Skorne with Jason Jensen and his Cryx in 3rd place.

I really enjoyed the event, so much kudos to Ciaran Bolger for organising. I had four games against four excellent opponents. I hadn't played Warmachine much recently, so as the event went on I started to get back into the hang of things (until the Chain Lightning incident - d'oh). I found the Warmachine tournament environment more relaxed, although my lowered expectations of success may have had something to do with that.

I'm looking forward to the next event, although I might take the Gatormen if I can get them painted in time.

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