Friday, August 5, 2011

Lenny's favourite gaming resources

Today's post is going to be a little different than normal. Here's some of the fantastic gaming resources I enjoy, whether it's excellent gaming content, beautifully painted models or anything else.

WEBSITES AND FORUMS - This is the main Irish wargaming site. It's the place to go to find out about upcoming events along with a forum covering Warhammer, 40K, Warmachine, HORDES, Blood Bowl, Infinity, Malifaux and much more, as well as a Painting and Modelling section with some really nice stuff in there. - Have to say I really like these guys and what they do. While they might not make the best minis around, they're really well priced and who can argue with free rules? - Another excellent website with tons of fantastic content and excellent videos. I've met a couple of the guys involved at events and they're a great bunch. - These guys make some fantastic miniatures and characters.

Wargaming Ireland Podcast -
Ireland's first wargaming podcast. Presenters Nigel and Jarvis (also the administrators and guys behind the website) discuss wargaming news, new releases, upcoming events and events which they have attended with a rotating cast of guest panellists. Was formerly the North Wexford Gamers podcast ( Both are also available on iTunes.

HeelanHammer -
Presented by Dan Heelan and Wayne Kemp as well as regular and irregular guests, HeelanHammer is a Warhammer podcast. The guys discuss and give their opinions on new releases, with in depth reviews of new army books and great reports from tournaments and events they have attended. I have met both Dan and Wayne in passing, I actually played Wayne at the 2010 ETC 6 Nations event. Really nice guys and an excellent podcast.

Fantasy Battle Roundup by Mike Sweetman -
Mike's blog started up on the RankingsHQ website and has now moved on to his own website. His blog is an excellent resource for anyone interested in Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Mike sources lots of great links and showcases some wonderful models in his Midweek and Weekend Roundup posts as well as providing plenty of links to the work of others. A really great blog. by Owen Conlan -
Owen's blog is mainly focused on Warmachine/HORDES but he occasionally posts on different games, such as Malifaux. Owen posts many battle reports and tournament reports on his blog, as well as lots of photos of his recently painted and work in progress figures. Well worth a look.

Wargaming Ireland Blog -
I've mentioned Wargaming Ireland twice already, so I'll keep this short. The guys also maintain a blog with a variety of posters, although it's mainly concerned with upcoming events.

Subject to Stupidity by Phil Culleton -
Phil documents his adventures in wargaming since his move to Germany a couple of years ago. He talks many different wargames, roleplaying and has some fantastic photos of his painting.

War and More by Adam Tremblay -
I first came across Adam's work as his Daily D6 blog on RankingsHQ. He's recently set up his blogspot, where he posts a variety of different posts including his Daily D6 blogs, as well as plenty of other things - he's even branched out into movie reviews.

Dice and Brush by Johan Mars -
Johan hails from Sweden. His blog shows off lots of his really high quality painting and modelling work.

The Triple Helix Project by Trev O'Hanlon -
Trev's blog has lots of great photos of his work along with some really interesting posts about his fluff for his army and reports on his tournament experiences.


  1. I'm happy to see you're spreading the word about online content! :-)

  2. Yeah I'm stealing your ideas Mike.....sort of. There's lots of great stuff out there, and if I can help out some of it by gaining a few new readers/listeners that's great.

  3. There is no way I can find all the content on the web...I encourage all bloggers to share their fav links with the community!


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