Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dwarfing it up - 8th edition style

I've recently been thinking over many of the things I find very frustrating with 8th edition Warhammer. While I think it's a great, really fun game for one off club games, campaigns and the like, I'm not really happy with it on a competitive level. There's several things in the game that bother me. The more I think about it, the best way to deal with these issues seems to be to return to my Dwarfs. They have all the tools I need.

The next thing to consider is what type of army I want. If I look at my current collection I have a good 3000-3500 points. However, it lacks many of the things I would include in an army now (I would need to add Grudge Throwers and more Great Weapon armed troops).

The other thing is that I am not impressed with the way I have painted what I have. I painted most of it 4-5 years ago when I used to paint only to get models onto the gaming table. In addition I did not do a good job protecting the models and many of them are now broken or chipped badly. Therefore I have resolved to paint up a new army. I will quite likely strip the paint from many of these models (particularly the metals).

So I was thinking of starting with something along these lines. Haven't worked out a full army list yet (and probably won't for some time)

Runelord w/Anvil
Thane BSB
Master Engineer
2x Warriors w/Great Weapons
Quarreller Rangers
2x Grudge Thrower
Organ Gun

What I have done is painted up the first four Warriors for the army. These are the only photos I have for the moment - it's the test figure. Look out for the rest in the next painting update post.



  1. Looking forward to seeing your Dwarf Horde grow Lenny. I recently played an '8th edition' Dwarf list for the first time, and walked away with a minor loss because it was so hard to get points off.
    I'd love to hear more about how the Dwarfs solve all that is wrong with 8th ed Warhammer? :-)

  2. Not exactly what I meant. Dwarfs have solutions to many of the things that can wreck games - Spelleater Runes prevent uberspells quite nicely, artillery to counter big monsters, Grudge Throwers to knock lumps out of deathstars and so on. I think Dwarfs will be a good "counter-meta" army.


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