Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Role to Play - Part I

So I've recently been thinking about setting up a roleplaying campaign to DM. I've always had an interest in creating my own Fantasy world and enjoy writing and telling stories, so this seems like an excellent opportunity to do that and have a lot of fun at the same time.

My favourite system I've played is the previous edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (not the current version). I played quite a long campaign a couple of years back, the DM was Phil "redmanphill" Culleton and my fellow party members were "Handsome" Dave Leahy and Fergus "Short Shorts" Finch.

However, rather than running a campaign in the Warhammer World, I've decided to create my own world, while using the mechanics of WFRP. I've been inspired by a series of gaming articles posted on the Giant in the Playground website (best known as the home of popular webcomic The Order of the Stick). These articles are quite old and the series was never finished, I assume the popularity of the comic had something to do with that. Although written for Dungeons and Dragons, it's the hints and tips I'm interested in rather than the actual game mechanics the author used.

I haven't gone beyond general ideas right now, but at the moment I'm considering this -
The game will be set on a single isolated continent. Technology will be early medieval standard (so no crossbows or full plate armour and such). Climate will be quite cold, going from Arctic in the northern regions to a cool temperate in the south. However, the world is currently in a state of upheaval. Winters are getting longer and colder, harvests are starting to decrease and tensions are on the rise. Open war has not broken out, but the peasants and commoners are getting restless. The beasts and barbarian attacks are getting more common and violent.

I will need to modify many of the WFRP concepts (the places, races and career paths will need to change, as will the types of monster encountered. This will be a challenge, now to see if I'm up to it.

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