Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Old news at this stage, but anyhow

As I'm sure all of you reading probably know by now, this week Games Workshop have announced the release of the new "Finecast" miniatures, while at the same time increasing prices across the new range.

Needless to say, this has caused significant nerdrage across the internet. While complaining about Games Workshop and price increases are nothing new to anyone who has been playing their games as long as I have, this is yet another example of Games Workshop's poor business decision making.

Another thing that has been changed is that Games Workshop have changed their trading terms - online retailers are now forbidden from selling outside of their own area. This is bad news for those gamers in many places where the exchange rate used by Games Workshop is very different from the actual exchange rates. I can understand the fury of these gamers, even though as an EU resident it doesn't affect me directly.

As is usual in this situation, the usual talk of boycotts, letter writing campaigns and system switching has occurred. Now, I'm not a massive fan of Games Workshop corporate or many of their business practices. I won't set foot in a Games Workshop retail store - I have no need to, as my FLGS, Gamer's World, has everything the Games Workshop store provides without the downsides of staff yelling in my face to buy the new releases. (I do understand that this is part of the requirements of the job for these guys, but I don't find the atmosphere enjoyable or welcoming - and neither would my 13 year old self have done either). I dislike the way they insult their customer's intelligence, the gradual dumbing down of standards and the focus on teenagers at the expense of everyone else.

So, will I be joining in the internet campaigns and boycotting their products? Well, no. Whatever their other flaws, I enjoy playing Games Workshop games. I like the vast majority of the figures. I have made many, many friends and had hours of enjoyment from playing games and painting figures. I won't be giving that up over a price increase. I won't be buying as much as I used to, but if I need to add something to my armies, I will.


  1. Good post Lenny. I'm boycotting GW, but it's going back about 2 year now when Warhammer stopped being fun for me - it has little (not nothing) to do with the cost. They produce great miniatures and I think the games are good. I'm hoping to refind that 'fun'. When I do my self imposed boycott ends! I guess it's not really a boycott per se. I'm just playing other games I enjoy more...


  2. I wouldn't really call that a boycott as such - it's entirely fair to choose to spend your time and money on something else you prefer. It's not like you're throwing a hissy fit like some of the comments I've seen on other sites (most of whom will probably get over it very quickly).

  3. Lenny, you have clearly misunderstood the point of the internet with all the reasonableness in this post. Please go back and consider how they are putting up their prices just to annoy you personally so that you can write a properly incensed post.

  4. I thought I might give readers of the internet something they may not be used to.


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