Monday, April 25, 2011

Painting update

Just a little update today, some photos of a few figures I finished this past week.

First up, we have the second completed Initiate from my Black Templars crusade.
Initiate 24-4-11

Next up, Orc Throwers for a Blood Bowl team I've been working on.
Orc Throwers

Finally, a Grot armed with a Kannon, for my Gorkamorka mob "Da Redshirtin' Browntrouzaz"
Grot Kannon 24-4-11

Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Parallax Gulf Crusade

978.M41. WAAAGH!!! Tuffgit had emerged from the warp in the midst of the Parallax Gulf. Several Imperial Worlds fell to the foul Xenos breed in short order. When word reached High Marshal Helbrecht, he authorised the creation of a new crusade. He appointed one of his veteran Sword Brethren, Brother Scipio, to the position of Marshal. Reclusiarch Fabian also joined the Crusade, awarding the Black Sword and Armour of Faith to Brother Alexandrus after a series of physical and spiritual trials. The Crusade departed, led by the Battle Barge Fist of Dorn along with several Strike Cruisers and escort ships. Many Neophytes joined the Fighting Companies when the fleet stopped at Chapter Keeps for resupply. Marshal Scipio's first objective was the world of Woody's Reach, home of several vital promethium refineries...

Yep, once again I've started another new army. Having recently come across my old Space marine army in my parent's attic while searching for something else entirely, I decided to attempt a little experiment with paint stripping. I had heard that ordinary household disinfectant could be used to safely and effectively remove paint from figures so I decided to give it a try. So I placed some plastic Marines in an old Chinese takeaway container along with a metal Chaplain and left them for a few days. I then scrubbed the figures with a toothbrush and some warm, soapy water. This removed most of the paint. Then I got a toothpick and worked most of the paint out of the cracks.

This was the original paint scheme I had used.


Not very well painted as you can see. These had been assembled under the previous edition of Codex : Space Marines. I had taken the trait that allowed Tactical Squads to be equipped with Bolt Pistols and Close Combat Weapons (Take the Fight to Them was the trait if I remember correctly). The only current Codex allowing this is Codex : Black Templars, which has recently had an updated FAQ released with some useful wargear realignments. Paul Quigley has recently managed to finish in 3rd place at BroCon with Black Templars, so there's likely something to the army.

Anyhow, I finished the test model.


I was quite pleased with it. These guys are going to be as much of a painting project as a gaming army, so they'll probably be built up over time. My starting force is going to be as follows :

Emperor's Champion (140) - Accept any challenge, no matter the odds.
9 Initiates (196) - Bolt Pistol, CCW. Meltagun, Power Fist.
Rhino (58) - Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers.
6 Initiates (117) - Bolters. Plasma Gun, Lascannon.
Razorback (90) - Twin Linked Lascannons.

Totals 601 points. It's not a list I will likely play a game with, but it gives me the required HQ and 2 Troops choices.

I'll update again with more pictures when I get to that stage, although I'd say it could be some time.



Hello everyone,

Welcome to my new blog - I've had a few attempts at writing a blog before but difficulties have arisen. I have until recently been writing a blog on RankingsHQ, but I'm having technical difficulties with that website lately which I can't seem to resolve.

Anyway, so what's this blog about? Well, I'll be writing posts about my wargaming hobby. This could be anything from battle reports, reviews of new products, tournament reports, things I've been painting along with anything else I feel like bothering with.

I aim to post at the rate of roughly three posts per month, although if I feel like it posts will be more frequent.

Until next time,

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